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    TeleAttend lets employees clock in or out from any phone. Perfect for businesses with multiple locations, mobile or remote workers like cleaning companies, or home healthcare businesses.

    • Clock in & out by phone

    • To clock their activity- the employee dials and enters their unique Personnel tele-ID and password - easy as that!

    • Track by job, client or project & Employee reports

    • TeleAttend routes all attendance activity to Timestandard in real-time- Clock-IN’s, Clock OUT’s as well as optional bespoke features including Check calls, dropped calls, failed tele-clocking attempts. View staff activity as it happens and take advantage of a powerful reporting suite.

      And hassle-free:

    • No additional hardware to install, configure or maintain.

    • No telephone lines required- saves on cost of dedicated phone lines, company mobiles and the cost of replacing costly servers.

    • No software installation - Fully hosted by TeleAttend!

    Fully Automated Features.

    TeleAttend automates telephone clocking at all remote sites that enable service staff to:

    • Clock in, clock out of jobs from any job site by telephone

    • Bespoke Features available include:

    • Change location, change job function (pay rate)

    • Log onto job, leave message

    • Order supplies.

    • Collect voice messages - such and change in work orders

    At TeleAttend, we can create a customised TeleAttend solution for your own specific requirements at no cost!

    Instant Alerts.

    Timestandard can broadcast alerts, warnings and reports that can be automatically generated and sent to managers by SMS, email or voicemail. Automated alerts can be sent to your email or mobile phone warning of:

    • Non-show

    • Late arrival

    • Early departure

    • Not clocked out- Keep on top of Health and Safety with this alert-ideal for lone workers!

    • And many others are available- choose alerts to suit you!

    Powerful Management Tools.

    • Track staff activity and service delivery in real-time in your web browser.

    • Comprehensive suite of reporting tools- for summaries and detailed reporting of time cards, working time directive reports and more- view by individual staff, managers, departments, sites and more.

    • Advanced payroll automation- with TeleAttend, payroll data is available in real time, and can be viewed, edited and automatically set to export to many of today’s popular payroll programs.

    • Extensive personnel database- ‘next of kin’ to licence expiries information and more!